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Nostalgic, Lively, Endearing, and of the highest quality!

Cobble Hill was founded in 2005 with a desire to bring loving, whimsical, high-quality images to puzzle enthusiasts around the world. Their puzzles have been described as nostalgic, lively, endearing, sweet, durable, and fine quality. In an ever growing technological market, it has become increasingly more important to find ways to bring families and friends together in a social atmosphere that lends to good conversations and quality time together. But don't feel guilty if you want to indulge in the puzzle all to yourself...we'll understand why!

We carry many sizes and types of Cobble Hill Puzzles - there's bound to be one to fit the puzzle lover in your life!  We carry:
24pc Create Colour Puzzles: 3 colour-your-own puzzles in one kit for the crafty kid in your life.
36pc Floor Puzzles: Whimsical designs including princesses and dragons!
36pc Colour-Your-Own Puzzle: Really get those creative juices flowing.
60pc Puzzles: These come in a box with a handle to help young ones carry their favourite puzzle around with them.
275pc Easy to Handle Puzzles: For little folks with small hands or older folks with dexterity problems.
500pc Puzzles: For those that like a bit of a challenge.
1000pc Puzzles: For those that like a big challenge.  By far the most popular size!
2000pc Puzzles: For those that like a mammoth challenge!


Featured Size: 400pc Family Puzzles
These puzzles feature 3 different piece sizes in 1 puzzle, allowing everyone from the beginner puzzler to the expert puzzler to all work on the same puzzle!  These puzzles make great family gifts - bringing the whole family together for hours of enjoyment.  With many bright and fun designs to choose from, there's bound to be the right puzzle for any occassion!


For more information, please visit www.cobblehillpuzzles.com.