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Nena Skincare: Straight From the Earth

A skin-care line that is suitable for all skin types? That would be impossible. Canadian company Nena Skin Care has made a skin-care line that can work for all skin types. Their all-natural products are sourced straight from the Earth, more specifically, from the 2.5-million-year-old icefields on the Pacific coast of Northern British Columbia. These products feature glacial oceanic clay, which is harvested only from this area during a specific time of year. It is harvested without disturbing the surrounding biosphere and leaves no environmental footprint.

Glacial oceanic clay exfoliates the skin and removes contaminants, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean. It works for all skin types, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of the glacial oceanic clay.

Whether you’re looking for a new clay mask or cleansing cream, we have the right Nena product for your skin-care routine! Stop by to see our selection of Nena Skin Care products!

For more information: www.nenaskincare.com