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Calling All Coffee Lovers!

Calling all coffee lovers!! Are you looking to try something new? This Canadian company Balzac’s Coffee Roasters might just have the coffee you’re searching for! These 100% Arabica whole coffee beans are roasted differently, giving each type of coffee their own distinct flavor. From the smokey and spicy Dark Affair beans to the velvety smooth Espresso beans, there is a flavor combination for every coffee lover!

Many of their coffee beans are fairtrade and organic, and most recently they have released the Atwood Blend Amber Roast beans. This coffee collaboration with Canadian author Margaret Atwood gives back to Canada’s Pelee Island Bird Observatory.

Stop by our store to check out our selection of Balzac’s coffee beans, and let us know which one is your favorite!

For more information: https://shop.balzacs.com/