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Air Queen Nanofiber Filter Masks

With Covid-19 an ongoing concern, Brunskill Pharmacy strives to carry quality products that will help customers protect themselves and others from the virus. Brunskill Pharmacy is proud to carry Air Queen Nanofiber Filter Masks. These masks are made in South Korea and are CE certified and FDA approved. 

Air Queen Nanofiber Filter Masks have three layers, 0.1 nanometer filtration efficiency, are breathable and moisture controlling. They have a wired nose support to ensure the ideal fit and prevent the mask from falling. Air Queen Nanofiber Filter masks are also reusable!

To reuse the Air Queen Nanofiber Filter mask, spray the inside of the mask with 80% ethanol after each use and air dry. One mask can be used at least 10 times!

For more information please visit https://www.airqueen.ca/collections/masks