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Like to save money? We reward our frequent shoppers with our easy to use Perks Program!

It's free to join and easy to save. Plus, there's no pesky card to carry around. Simply quote your membership number with each purchase and watch your savings multiply!

Perks accumulate on every $10 purchase (except prescriptions and lottery) and you get extra perks on products featured in the flyer.  The more perks you get, the more money you save!

$10 = 1 perk. 
15 perks = $5.
It’s a simple as that!

Free to join.  No card necessary.  No spam or junk mail.
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For more information visit: https://www.pharmachoice.com/rewards/


Plus, Univeristy of Saskatchewan Students can join us the first Tuesday of every month for Student’s Day - where you save 15% on almost everything*!

Seniors can join us the last Wednesday of every month for Senior’s Day - where you save 15% on almost everything*!

Simply fill out this form and bring it with you in the store.  You'll be signed up and saving in no time flat!  Sign up today!


The preceding promotions are considered part of the Points Plus Program, which are subject to change and/or addition and/or deletion without notice, by management

The information you supply will not be sold or given to anyone outside of Brunskill Pharmacy.  Points will not be added for purchases made before the account is activated.  Terms of use are subject to change.  Some restrictions apply.

*Senior’s Day & Student’s Day discounts do not include prescriptions, lottery, milk, stamps, phone cards, and sale items.