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Make Space for Pharmaspace!


Today’s patient’s want to know more about their medications and play a bigger role in their health care.  Towards that end, Brunskill Pharmacy is pleased to offer the functionality of Pharmaspace as a free service to all our patients. 

With Pharmaspace, our patients get online access to their patient medication profile on a 24/7 365 day basis.  It’s even available for your phone as the Telus Pharmaspace app for iphone, android and Blackberry so you can have access to your information on the go. 

In addition to knowing what medication you are taking, Pharmaspace gives you official drug monographs so you get accurate information about the safe and effective and optimal use of your medication.  You also get the ability to see the number of refills you have remaining on your prescription so you can save time and be more efficient when seeing your family doctor. 

Pharmaspace also makes it easy and convenient to order medication refills online.  Just tap the refill button and your request goes straight to our pharmacy computer so that your medication is ready for pick up when you want it!

This is just the start of new services available to you as a valued patient at our pharmacy.  New features are being added all the time so sign up for Pharmaspace on your next visit.  It’s quick and easy and secure and best of all, it’s free!

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