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Product Overview:
Fentimans beverages are botanically brewed and contain all the flavour and goodness from the finest natural ingredients. This results in an invigorating and full-flavoured taste that sets Fentimans apart.
We carry Fentimens Tonic Water, Ginger Beer, Curiosity Cola, Cherry Tree Soda, and Dandelion & Burdock Sodas.

Fentimen's is arguably the best soda I've ever tasted.  If you're a fan of the larger nationally branded sodas, Fentimen's will tast familiar yet foreign.  The botanically blended soda has a deeper, more satisfying flavour.
They come in smaller sizes (355ml), so that you can have a treat without having to have too much.
This soda is great for making cocktails of all varieties.
Essentially, Fentimen's is a high-quality adult pop; more refined, more flavourful, less carbonated, and less sweet.

Comparitively more expensive than the average pop.



For more information about this product, feel free to give us a call or check out Fentimen's website at www.fentimens.com.

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